The funniest 3D acrylic building


Witness the fascinating world of ants unfold before your very eyes with the 3D Acrylic Ant Farm, a revolutionary habitat designed for both your ants' comfort and your viewing pleasure.

Spacious Skyscraper: Imagine a three-stage acrylic masterpiece offering ample room for your ant colony to thrive. Open and close individual floors to customize the space as your colony grows, adapting to their evolving needs.

Exploration Extravaganza: Connect to the large hunting zone, a dedicated area for your ants to explore and forage. Two tunnel tubes and a three-level staircase provide a network of exciting pathways, fueling their natural curiosity.

Hydration Haven: Never worry about humidity! The built-in external water supply caters to their hydration needs. A moisturizing cotton column and a full-height sponge create a perfect humidity gradient within the nest. Easy-access reservoirs ensure effortless refilling.

Cleanliness Champions: Promote a healthy environment with the removable external waste area. This allows your ants to maintain a clean and hygienic living space.

Dining with a View: Watch your industrious ants feast in style! The cleverly designed suspended feeding area on the second floor keeps food readily available while maximizing viewing clarity.

Expandable Empire: Dreaming of a larger ant kingdom? No problem! This innovative habitat features two extension holes (of 10mm) for connecting additional units (sold separately), allowing you to create a sprawling ant metropolis!

More Than Just an Ant Farm, It's an Experience! The 3D Acrylic Ant Farm is the ultimate destination for ant enthusiasts of all levels. Witness the intricate social structures, observe their fascinating behavior, and nurture a thriving ant colony – all within this breathtaking 3D world.