The Cave Nest


The Cave Nest!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of ants with the Cave Nest! This innovative habitat replicates the natural underground environment, offering your ant colony a secure and stimulating space to flourish.

Dimensions : 11cmx8.5cmx7cm

Subterranean Sanctuary: Crafted from sand-coated resin plaster, this unique nest provides a realistic cave-like structure. The attached hunting area offers ample space for exploration, featuring a removable ventilated roof for optimal airflow and observation.

Easy Access, Unobstructed View: The magnetic Plexiglas panel on the front allows for effortless nest inspection without disturbing your industrious residents. The removable, red-tinted top panel creates a dark, natural environment within the nest, mimicking the light conditions ants prefer. It's easily removed for detailed observation.

Built-in Hydration System: Maintain the perfect level of humidity with the water inlet on the edge of the nest. Simply use a syringe (not included) to create a humid zone ideal for your ant colony's comfort.

Expand Your Ant Empire: Dreaming of a larger ant metropolis? The hunting area features a 10mm hole with a plug, allowing you to connect additional elements (sold separately) and create a sprawling underground network for your ants!

More Than Just a Nest, It's an Observation Oasis: The Cave Nest isn't just functional, it's a captivating viewing experience. Witness the intricate social behaviors of your ants through the clear panels, and unlock the secrets of their fascinating world.

Order your Cave Nest today and embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of your ant colony!