Ant Drinker 3D - 3 Sizes


Precision 3D-printed base, dishwasher-safe plastic bottle

This ant drinker is the perfect way to provide your ants with a fresh and clean water source. It is available in three sizes: 5ml, 10ml, and 20ml. This makes it ideal for colonies of all sizes, from small test tube colonies to large colonies with hundreds of workers.

The drinker features a precision 3D-printed base that is designed to be stable and prevent tipping. The base also has a small reservoir that holds a small amount of water, which helps to prevent the ants from drowning. The bottle is made of dishwasher-safe plastic, so it is easy to clean and keep sanitary.

To use the drinker, simply fill the bottle with water and screw it onto the base. Then, place the drinker in your ant hunting area. The ants will be attracted to the water and will begin to drink from the spout.

Here are some of the benefits of using this ant drinker:

  • Provides ants with a fresh and clean water source
  • Available in three sizes to suit the needs of colonies of all sizes
  • Precision 3D-printed base is stable and prevents tipping
  • Small reservoir helps to prevent ants from drowning
  • Bottle is made of dishwasher-safe plastic for easy cleaning

Tips for using the ant drinker:

  • Place the drinker in a location where the ants can easily access it.
  • Check the drinker regularly to make sure that it is full of water.
  • Clean the drinker regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

Order your ant drinker today and provide your ants with the best possible water source!

more colors coming soon !