Heating mat


Heating mat


Heating mat to control the temperature of ants, nests and hunting areas. With temperature regulator (medium accuracy, we recommend an electric thermostat plug).

Material: PET

Color: black

Voltage: 220 V 

Temperature setting: 0-35°C

Cable length: 150cm (approx.) Mat thickness: 0.6mm

  • 5W Size: 14x15 cm
  • 7W Size: 15x28 cm
  • 14W Size: 28x28 cm
  • 20W Size: 28x42 cm
  • 28W Size: 28x53 cm
  • 35W Size: 28x65 cm
  • 45W Size: 28x80 cm
  • Plug: EU plug

Features: - Far-infrared PET heating mat.

High-performance, energy-saving and easy to maintain. 


  • Do not bend or cut.
  • Do not pierce or staple.
  • Do not immerse in water.