Ant Feeder


This ant feeder is a practical and convenient way to feed your ants. It is made of molded white plastic and is available in two sizes: 18x16x9mm and 29x18x9mm. This makes it suitable for colonies of all sizes, from small test tube colonies to large colonies with hundreds of workers.

The feeder has a rectangular shape with a smooth bottom and a slightly raised edge. This helps to prevent the ants from drowning in the food. The feeder also has a small hole in the top that allows ants to enter and exit.

To use the feeder, simply place it in your ant nest or test tube. The ants will be attracted to the food and will begin to eat. Be sure to remove any uneaten food after a few days to prevent it from molding.

Here are some of the benefits of using this ant feeder:

  • Practical and convenient to use
  • Available in two sizes to suit the needs of colonies of all sizes
  • Made of molded white plastic for easy cleaning
  • Smooth bottom and slightly raised edge to prevent ants from drowning

How to clean the ant feeder:

  1. Remove the feeder from your ant hunting area.
  2. Rinse the feeder with warm water.
  3. Wash the feeder with mild dish soap and water.
  4. Rinse the feeder again with warm water.
  5. Dry the feeder thoroughly with a clean towel.
  6. Place the feeder back in your ant hunting area.

Tips for using the ant feeder:

  • Place the feeder in a location where the ants can easily access it.
  • Fill the feeder with a variety of foods to keep your ants healthy and happy.
  • Check the feeder regularly to make sure that it is full of food.
  • Remove any uneaten food after a few days to prevent it from molding.

Order your ant feeder today and provide your ants with the best possible feeding experience !