Solenonpsis fugax


Solenopsis Fugax (Thief Ants)


  • Very popular ant species for skilled keepers
  • One of the fastest growing colonies available
  • Very tiny species, so good escape prevention is needed


  • Humidity: 50-80%
  • Temperature: 15-26°C
  • Diapause: Yes

Suggested housing

  • Acrylic nests
  • Ytong nests
  • "Infinte" nests
  • Plaster


  • Nectars or sugar water
  • Protein from insect sources such as fruit flies, crickets, and roaches

Colony size

  • 1-20,000+

Queen size

  • 6-8 mm

Worker size

  • 2-3 mm


  • Polygyne (can have multiple queens per colony)


  • Can sting, so handle with care

Additional information

Solenopsis fugax are known as thief ants because they often steal food from other ant colonies. They do this by digging tunnels from their own nest into the nest of another colony. Solenopsis fugax are also very fast-growing ants, and a colony can have many thousands of workers.

Tips for keeping Solenopsis fugax

  • Provide them with a nest with a humidity gradient.
  • Offer them a balanced diet of sugar and protein.
  • Hibernate them during the winter.
  • Be careful with ventilation, as they can sting.
  • Use good escape prevention, as they are known to be escape artists.

With proper care, Solenopsis fugax can be a rewarding and fascinating species to keep.