Camponotus maculatus subnudus


The spotted ant

Origin : China

Geographical distribution: Asia

Breeding level: Beginner

Habitat:  dry forests, steppes.

Colony form: Monogynous (only one queen per colony)

Size : Queen 16 - 17mm, workers 6 - 10mm, major 13-15 mm 

Color: a dark brown to black head, a yellowish thorax, and a dark brown to black abdomen adorned with yellow spots or stripes, varying depending on the variety and region.

Queen lifespan: up to 20 years

Food : Principally sweet liquids, jellies... but needs proteins too with  fruit flies, little parts of crickets or cockroaches andalso fruits.

Humidity: 40 - 60%

Temperature: 24-28°C VERY IMPORTANT

Hibernation: No, but it is recommended to reduce the temperature slightly (-3/4°c) for 2 to 3 months.

Nest type:Any kind of nest is suitable.