Camponotus foreli


The Sniny black carpenter ant

Origin : Spain

Geographical distribution: Southern Europe and North Africa

Breeding level: beginners/intermediate

Habitat :  woodland and forested areas, often nesting in decaying wood or under bark. They can also be found in urban environments, especially in gardens and parks.

Colony form: monogenous (only one queen per colony)

Colony size: up to 10.000

Size : queen: 11 - 13 mm, workers: 6 to 8 mm, major: 8 to 10 mm long

Color : Shiny black

Queen lifespan: up to 10 years

Food:  Principally sweet liquids, jellies... but needs proteins too with  fruit flies, little parts of crickets or cockroaches...

Humidity: 50-70%.

Temperature:  23 - 28°C.

Hibernation: Yes, from mid-November to early March at temperatures of 9-13°C.

Nest type:  Ytong, plaster, acrylic, 3D printed nests.

Camponotus foreli is a species that is not widely recognized but holds significant interest. While its behavior aligns with typical Camponotus species, its smaller size allows for accommodation in more compact setups, requiring less space overall.