Camponotus renggeri


Origin : Argentina

Geographical distribution: South America (mostly Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay)

Breeding level: intermediate

Habitat: forest trail, lawn,  tropical moist forest.

Colony form: mainly monogenous, sometimes polygynous (two queens per colony)

Colony size: up to 20.000

Size: queen 15 - 20mm, workers  9 - 18mm

Color: Queen : black with red and yellow legs

Queen lifespan: unknown (20 years ?)

Food: everything from sweet nectar and juicy fruits to small insects.

Humidity: 70 - 90%

Temperature:  23 - 28°C 

Hibernation: No.

Nest type: Every nests with a good moisture gestion : Ytong, plaster, natural soil...

Description: Camponotus renggeri is a species of carpenter ant found in South America. They are known for their large size, with workers reaching up to 2 cm in length. C. renggeri are also known for their aggressive behavior and powerful jaws. They are an important part of the rainforest ecosystem, developing rapidly under the right conditions.