Cataglyphis iberica


The Silver hints ant

Origin : Portugal

Geographical distribution: Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

Breeding level: intermediate

Habitat :  arid plains, vineyards and rocky trails.

Colony form: polygynous (multiple queens per colony)

Colony size: up to 5.000

Size : queen: 15 - 18 mm, workers: 5 to 15mm long

Color : Black with silver thorax and silver highlights on long legs

Queen lifespan: up to 10 years

Food:  Principally insects, dead or alive and sweet liquids, jellies

Humidity: 30-50%.

Temperature:  24 - 28°C.

Hibernation: Yes, from mid-November to early March at temperatures of 9-13°C.

Nest type:  Ytong, plaster, acrylic, 3D printed nests.

Cataglyphis iberica are incredibly fast and fascinating ants to observe, they run, raising their gastre. To see them build a thriving colony, focus on proper care: nutrition, temperature, humidity, and the right breeding setup. It'll be amazing to watch them flourish!

Rarely available for sale