Camponotus aethiops


The black hairy carpenter ant 

Origin : Romania

Geographical distribution: Continental Europe and Central Asia

Breeding level: beginners

Habitat :  Forests (especially pine forest)

Colony form: monogenous (only one queen per colony)

Colony size: up to 10.000

Size : queen: 12 - 13 mm, workers: 6 to 8 mm, major: 8 to 10 mm long

Color : Black and red/brown legs

Queen lifespan: up to 10 years

Food:  Principally insects (fruit flies, little parts of crickets or cockroaches...) for the proteins and some sweet liquids or fruits

Humidity: 30-50%.

Temperature:  21 - 24°C.

Hibernation: Yes, from mid-November to early March at temperatures of 12-15°C.

Nest type:  Ytong, plaster, acrylic, 3D printed nests.

  • Stand out: They are large (up to 13mm) for their genus, making them fascinating to observe.
  • Easy to care for: Compared to other Camponotus species, they are considered more tolerant and easier to breed.
  • Slower development: Despite their slower growth, they are easy to feed, enjoying both sweet liquids and insects.
  • Overall: Due to their large size, ease of breeding, and simple diet, they are a very appealing ant species for enthusiasts.