Camponotus cruentatus


The blooded spot ant

Origin : France

Geographical distribution: Southern Europe and North Africa

Breeding level: beginners

Habitat :  woodland and forested areas, often nesting in decaying wood or under bark. They can also be found in urban environments, especially in gardens and parks.

Colony form: monogenous (only one queen per colony)

Colony size: up to 10.000

Size : queen: 14 - 17 mm, workers: 6 to 10 mm, major: 10 to 14 mm long

Color : mostly black with parts of the gaster red/orange

Queen lifespan: up to 25 years

Food:  Principally sweet liquids, jellies... but needs proteins too with  fruit flies, little parts of crickets or cockroaches...

Humidity: 50-70%.

Temperature:  24 - 28°C.

Hibernation: Yes, from mid-November to early March at temperatures of 12-15°C.

Nest type:  Ytong, plaster, acrylic, 3D printed nests.


We call them "Defender Ants" for a reason! These scavengers usually avoid a fight, preferring to clean up leftovers. But mess with their nest, and they'll come at you fast! They rely on their impressive jaws and built-in squirt guns (acid glands) to overwhelm any ant invaders with surprising teamwork.


Camponotus cruentatus come in all shapes and sizes! Their workers are super diverse, with tiny minors, mid-sized medias, and even huge major workers - each with a specific job in the colony.