Messor structor


The Fascinating Harvester Ant

Origin : Spain

Geographical distribution: Southern Europe, North Africa, Asia

Breeding level: Beginner

Habitat : Sunny paths and open fieldsand sandy trails.

Colony form: polygenous (multiple queens per colony)

Colony size: up to 10.000

Size : queen: 10 - 11 mm, workers: 4 to 10 mm long

Color :  black and some reddish reflects

Queen lifespan: up to 25 years

Food:  Seeds (but sometimes like some sweet nectar and little dead insects)

Humidity: 50-70% (important).

Temperature:  20 - 26°C.

Hibernation: Yes, from mid-November to early March at temperatures of 12-15°C.

Nest type:  Ytong, plaster, acrylic, 3D printed nests.

Messor structor ants are fascinating to watch as they collect seeds and store them in their nest. They chew the seeds into a paste that they feed to the larvae and the queen. This behavior is why they are called harvester ants.


Messor structor ants are a great choice for beginners because they are relatively easy to care for. They don't require a lot of special attention, as long as you make sure they have plenty of seeds, water, and a quiet place to live.