Nest in plexiglas with hunting area

  • Ant watching: This nest is ideal for observing medium-sized ants, such as camponotus, in their natural habitat. The transparent hunting area allows you to see the ants going about their business, foraging for food and caring for their larvae.


  • Education for children: This nest is an excellent educational tool for teaching children about ant colonies.


  • Leisure: Raising ants can be a fascinating and relaxing hobby.


Advantages of the ant nest with hunting zone:

  1. Expandable: The nest can be split into two parts to enlarge the ants' living space as the colony grows. The hunting zone also has holes for adding additional modules.
  2. Easy to use: The nest comes fully assembled and requires no installation.
  3. Suitable for medium-sized ants: The 18 mm gallery height is ideal for medium-sized ants such as Camponotus.
  4. Spacious hunting zone: The spacious hunting zone allows ants to feed and rest.
  5. Removable roof: The hunting zone roof is easily removed for easy observation and cleaning.

Remarks :
Nest size: This nest is too large for small ants, such as temnothorax.
Number of ants: It's important not to set up too small a colony in this nest, as ants need to feel tightly packed to thrive.

This ant nest with hunting zone is an excellent choice for a Queen and 30/50 workers.