Gentlest Tweezer SPECIAL ANTS

€6.99 €4.89

The gentlest tweezers is here !

  • Looking for the perfect tool to safely subdue your adventurous ant friends? Look no further than this tweezer!
  • Ultra-soft touch: These specialised pliers are designed for the softest grip, ensuring that none of your little escapees are harmed during capture.
  • Lightweight champion: Weighing in at just 2 grams, this tweezer weighs next to nothing in the hand, giving you ultimate precision and control.
  • Regain control with confidence: Never fear a daring ant escape again! The Gentlest tweezer is here to help you reunite your little explorers with their colony quickly and safely.

Dimension 11,5cm x 1cm


These Real Entomologist Tweezers are the perfect tool for a safe and gentle to catch your ants