Strumigenys leptorhina


Coming directly from Guangxi region, china

The Tiniest orange ant

Origin : Guangxi region, china

Geographical distribution: China Guangxi region only

Breeding level: Advanced only

Colony form: monogenous

Colony size:  1000 workers

Size : queen: 2 mm, workers: 1  mm

Color : Totally orange

Queen lifespan: 10-12 years

Habicat : lowland rainforest, leaf litter.

Food:  Principally sweet liquids, jellies... but needs proteins too with  fruit flies, little parts of insects...

Humidity: 70-90%.

Temperature:  24 - 29°C.

Hibernation: No.

Nest type:  All nest with a good hydration system : Ytong, plaster, 3D printed nests.