Hunting Area "777" 2 tube holes


Crystal Clear Hunting Area for Your Thriving Ant Colony!

Introducing the ultimate expansion for your ant empire: a spacious and transparent hunting area crafted from high-quality acrylic. This innovative habitat provides a clear view of your ants’ fascinating world, allowing you to witness their tireless activity up close.

Generous Dimensions: Measuring a convenient 7cm x 7cm x 7cm cube, this expansion offers ample space for your ants to explore, forage, and socialize. They’ll have plenty of room to roam and express their natural behaviors in this thoughtfully designed arena.

Unimpeded Observation: The crystal-clear acrylic construction provides an unobstructed view of your ant colony. Witness their intricate social interactions, marvel at their foraging trails, and observe their tireless work ethic – all in stunning detail!

Multiple Access Points: This versatile habitat boasts two conveniently placed features:

  • Dual Test Tube Connectors: Two side ports, each measuring 16mm in diameter, allow for seamless connection to your existing ant nests or test tubes. This creates a secure and expandable living space for your colony.
  • Removable Feeding Port: The opposite side features a 10mm hole with a secure lid. This port allows for easy placement of food or hydration sources without disturbing your ant colony.

Breathable Comfort: A vital aspect of this design is the breathable iron sheet situated atop the 5cm diameter tap. This ensures proper ventilation within the enclosure, mimicking the natural air circulation ants require to thrive.

Effortless Maintenance: The smooth acrylic surfaces make cleaning and maintaining this expansion a breeze. Simply remove the lid and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth to keep your ant’s habitat sparkling clean.

Unleash the Potential of Your Ant Colony: With this exceptional hunting area, you can create a stimulating and enriching environment for your ant kingdom. Watch your colony flourish as they explore every corner of their new domain!

No kit to assemble, it will arrive to your home alredy assembled, ready to use