Hunting Area "777"


Crystal Clear Conquest: The Expandable Ant Arena!

Unleash your ants' inner explorer with the Expandable Ant Arena, a versatile habitat designed for their foraging adventures!

Spacious and Transparent: This innovative arena boasts a generous 7cm x 7cm x 7cm cube made of crystal-clear acrylic, providing an unobstructed view of your ants' fascinating world.

Hydration Station: The 5cm diameter refillable top ensures easy access for providing water or creating a humidity gradient within the arena. The included breathing iron sheet maintains airflow while preventing escape.

Double-Sided Access: Two strategically placed 10mm holes with lids on opposite sides offer additional entry points or ventilation options, customizable to your needs.

Expandable Potential: Connect multiple arenas using the compatible lids (sold separately) to create a sprawling network of foraging grounds, perfect for larger or more active ant colonies!

The Expandable Ant Arena is perfect for:

  • Observing ant behavior in unparalleled detail.
  • Creating a stimulating and enriching environment for your ant colony.
  • Easily providing food and hydration.
  • Expanding your ant world as your colony grows!

Made with the finest materials and designed with both ants and ant enthusiasts in mind, the Expandable Ant Arena is the ultimate addition to any ant lover's collection!