Mini drinker with glass bottle (1ml to 5ml)


Mini drinker with glass bottle

Base diameter 20mm

Height : 

1ml : 30mm

2ml : 32mm

3ml : 35mm

4ml : 45mm

5ml : 50mm


Keep your ant colony thriving with our innovative 3D-printed mini drinkers!

These tiny marvels are the perfect solution for providing essential hydration in even the most compact ant enclosures.

Here's why ant lovers choose our mini drinkers:

  • Ideal for small hunting areas: The compact size fits neatly into any enclosure, ensuring easy water access for your ant colony without sacrificing valuable foraging space.
  • Double-duty hydration: The leak-proof, dishwasher-safe glass vial can hold both water and sugar water, providing a convenient way to offer your ants a sweet treat.
  • Crystal clear monitoring: Keep an eye on water and sugar water levels with ease thanks to the transparent glass vial.
  • Effortless cleaning: The dishwasher-safe design makes maintaining a clean water source a breeze, promoting optimal ant health.

Available in 6 vibrant colors (with more to come!), these mini drinkers add a touch of fun and functionality to any ant enclosure. Order yours today!

Please note: When using sugar water, be sure to clean the vial thoroughly between uses to prevent mold growth.