Vertical plaster and arcylic nest - small


Create a Dream Home for Your Ants: Introducing the Plaster & Acrylic Ant Nest!

Looking for the perfect habitat for your thriving ant colony? Look no further! This innovative ant nest, crafted from high-density resin plaster and acrylic, offers a meticulously designed environment for your fascinating friends.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Size: At 85mm wide, 90mm high, and 75mm deep, this nest provides ample space for your growing colony to thrive.
  • Humidity Gradient: The ingenious design features a wettable upper third section, allowing you to create a natural humidity gradient within the nest. This lets your queen choose her ideal comfort zone, fostering a healthy and flourishing colony.
  • High-Density Plaster: The specially formulated high-density resin plaster offers slow water absorption, ensuring optimal moisture control within the nest. Simply add water gradually to create a perfect environment.
  • Customizable Hunting Area: Two conveniently sized 10mm holes with included plugs allow you to expand the hunting area for your ants as your colony grows.
  • Crystal Clear View: The acrylic walls provide a captivating window into the fascinating world of your ant colony, allowing you to observe their tireless activity and social interactions.

Important Note: Due to the size of the chambers, this nest is not suitable for very small ant species.

This exceptional ant nest provides the ideal combination of functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use, making it the perfect choice for any ant enthusiast!