FLUON - The ultimate ant barrier


Fluon: Stop Ant Escapes with Microscopic Technology!

Keep your ant colony safely contained with Fluon. This easy-to-use solution creates a slippery barrier on smooth surfaces, preventing ants from climbing out.

  • Microscopic Defense: Fluon utilizes ultra-fine, 1.6-micron Teflon particles (PTFE) to create a long-lasting barrier that lasts for several months.
  • Safe for Ants: The formula is non-toxic and ant-friendly.
  • Quick Application: The included applicator makes applying Fluon a breeze. Simply rub the applicator in a circular motion along the top 4-5 centimeters of your ant enclosure for best results. Less may be needed for smaller habitats.
  • Simple Maintenance: Reapply Fluon every 2-3 months or wipe clean with a microfiber cloth for easy maintenance. To ensure maximum product life, gently shake or turn the bottle every few weeks.


  • 10ml bottle
  • Reusable applicator

Order your Fluon today and keep your ant adventures contained!