GYPSON - Ant barrier


GYPSON: Create an Ant Barrier with Ease!

Keep your ant friends from escaping with GYPSON. This easy-to-use liquid dries to a white film, forming a barrier on smooth surfaces that ants can't climb.

  • Effective Ant Blocker: Tiny gypsum powder particles create a long-lasting barrier (about a month).
  • Safe and Easy: The formula is non-toxic and dries quickly.
  • Simple Application: Use the included applicator to draw small circles along the top 4-5 centimeters of your ant enclosure.
  • Reusable Applicator: The long-lasting (13cm) applicator with a hard-wearing sponge head allows for multiple uses.


  • 10ml bottle of GYPSON solution
  • Reusable plastic foam applicator

Order GYPSON today and keep your ant colony securely contained!